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The AAF in Northwest Africa: An Account of the Twelfth Air Force in the Northwest African Landings and the Battle for Tunisia

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The AAF in Northwest Africa: An Account of the Twelfth Air Force in the Northwest African Landings and the Battle for Tunisia: An Interim Report
  • Wings at War No. 6
    • Headquarters, Army Air Forces, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Washington, D.C., 1945
      • Center for Air Force History, Washington, D.C., 1992
        • 76 pages
        • 3 photos
        • 1 cover illustration
        • 5 maps
  • Free PDF download
This work focuses on the Allied assault on Northwest Africa and the battle for Tunisia—the critical second front that secured the Mediterranean and increased the enemy's vulnerability to a massive invasion from Britain. From this experience of the Twelfth Air Force and its British counterparts in 1942-43 evolved a spirit of Anglo-American cooperation and important aspects of air doctrine still relevant today.
     Originally published shortly after key air campaigns, the Wings at War series captured the spirit and tone of America's World War II experience. Eyewitness accounts of Army Air Forces' aviators and details from the official histories enlivened the story behind each of six important AAF operations.
  • Foreword

  • The Twelfth Air Force in the Landing Operations

    • Attitude of the French Toward the Allies

    • Danger From Spain

    • Air Planning of the Invasion

    • The Moroccan Landings

    • The Mehdia Landings

    • Landings at Fedala

    • The Oran Landings

    • Take-off of Paratroop Operations

    • Transports Move to Tafaraoui

    • Period After the Fall of Oran

    • The Algiers Landings

  • The Twelfth Air Force in the Tunisian Campaign

    • Paratroop Activities

    • Allied Air Activity, November and December

    • Tunisian Winter Campaign

    • The Strategic Situation

    • Tactical Air Attacks in Early January 1943

    • NAAF Bombing of Tunisia in February and March 1943

    • NAAF Shipping Strikes, January-March 1943

    • Preliminary Air Actions Near the Mareth Line

    • Air Victories and Losses, 8 November 1942-18 February 1943

    • The Tunisian Spring Campaign

    • Strategic Attacks on Air Fields, April 1943

    • Air Cooperation With New Zealanders

    • End of the Axis in Tunisia

    • Air Cooperation in the Fall of Tunis

    • Tactical Cooperation, 8-13 May 1943

    • Tactical Lessons Learned in the Campaign

      • Cooperation with U.S. Forces

      • Tactics

      • Airfield Construction

      • Aircraft

      • Equipment

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