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Soviet Murder of German POWs

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Soviet Murder of German POW's
  • by Dr. Austin J. App, Assoc. Prof. (Ret.), LaSalle College, Philadelphia
    • Boniface Press reprint of an article in the November 1978 issue of The Liberty Bell
      • 8 pages
  • Free PDF download
Revisionist view of Soviet treatment of German POWs captured during World War II.
  • Reds Never Signed Hague and Geneva Conventions

  • 1,110,000 German POW's Done to Death in Soviet Prisons

  • Not Thousands of Germans Taken Prisoners, but Murdered

  • Ilya Ehrenburg's Directive to the "Gallant Red Army"

  • Examples of Germans Murdered Upon Surrendering

  • Cover-ups and Reactions to Red Atrocities

  • German High Command: "Treat the Russians Decently"

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