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Soviet 120mm Mortar (1943 and 1938 models) ST-F-9-201

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Soviet 120mm Mortar (1943 and 1938 models)

Ordnance Intelligence Manual 9-201
  • Ordnance Intelligence, Ordnance Corps, Dept. of the Army, Washington, D.C., August 1950
    • 140 pages
    • 18 photos
    • 212 illustrations
    • 1 table
  • Free PDF download
This manual describes the Soviet Army 120-mm trench mortar, 1943 and 1938 models, including technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the mortar, ammunition, and accessory equipment.
      The manual was produced shortly after the Korean War started and was clearly created to assist U.S. forces who might capture such weapons and would enable them to make use of them against their former owners.
      The majority of the photos were taken by Americans in preparing this booklet, using captured examples, probably at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Most of the other illustrations appear to have been taken from the Soviet manuals for these weapons and show a wealth of details

  • Introduction

    • General

    • Description and Data

  • Operating Instructions

    • General

    • Service Upon Receipt of Materiel

    • Controls and Instruments

    • Operation Under Usual Conditions

    • Transportation

    • Operation Under Unusual Conditions

    • Demolition to Prevent Enemy Use

  • Maintenance Instructions

    • General

    • Inspection

    • Organizational Spare Parts, Tools and Equipment

    • Cleaning and Lubrication

    • Preventive Maintenance Service

    • Malfunctions and Corrections

    • Tube and Breech Ring

    • Firing Mechanism, 1943 Model

    • Firing Mechanism, 1938 Model

    • Bipod Mount

    • Elevating Mechanism

    • Leveling Mechanism

    • Yoke

    • Traversing Mechanism

    • Shock Absorber

    • Base Plate

  • Auxiliary Equipment

    • General

    • Ammunition

    • Sighting and Fire Control Equipment

  • Appendix I: Storage

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