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Putin-Era Taboo: Telling Why Some Soviets Aided Nazis
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• 1917: Special Operations Begin

Siegrunen 81

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: Starting at $14.95

2012 Edition

Paperback $14.95 — Hardcover $34.95 — PDF file download $4.99

Siegrunen 81

Richard Landwehr, Editor

  Siegrunen grew out of editor Richard Landwehr's inability to locate any adequate amount of published, accurate material on the Waffen-SS and, in particular, the non-German volunteer units in the 1960s, so he took a chance that by publishing a journal he might attract more sources of “good” information—and it worked.  
He also strongly felt that the “volunteers” were being given the shaft by the mainstream media, if they were ever mentioned at all. The “establishment” defamation was, and remains, staggering. It did not take him very long to discover that these were not criminals, but for the most part, were above-average individuals, highly motivated, skilled and courageous who happened to belong to an elite military organization (the Waffen-SS), that was so far ahead of its time that we still have not yet caught up to it.  
  • Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Boris Jankaus and the Latvian Commando Troops of the Waffen-SS 
  • Waffen-Hauptsturmführer der SS Peteris Cevers
  • Waffen-Obersturmführer der SS Teodors Kalnajs
  • Flemish Waffen-SS Officers and Volunteers
  • The Convalescent Company of the SS-Freiwilligenlegion “Flandern”
  • Flemish Guardsmen to Waffen-SS Soldiers
  • Dutch Waffen-SS Miscellany
  • Waffen-SS Miscellany
  • Norwegian Officers of the Waffen-SS
  • Icelandic Volunteers of the Waffen-SS
  • An Ethnic German Winner of the Knight’s Cross: SS-Oberscharführer Stefan Strapatin
  • Caught Behind the Lines
  • Notes on the 32nd SS Grenadier Division “30 Januar”
  • SS Division “Nord” at Salla: The Anatomy of a Disaster
  • Waffen-SS Flak (Air Defense) Troops: An Overview
  • SS Flak Detachment 13 and SS Corps Flak Detachment 509, IX. SS Mountain Corps
  • Led by a Traitor!
  • An Unknown Waffen-SS Knight’s Cross Holder: SS-Obersturmführer Adolf Obschil
  • Waffen-SS Personalities
  • International Waffen-SS Volunteers: A Photo Portfolio
  • Waffen-SS Insignia
  • 146 6x9-inch pages
  • 117 photos and illustrations


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