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Siegrunen 41

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Price: $8.00
Item Number: SRM41-PDF
Siegrunen #41 (October-December 1985)

Available only as a PDF file on DVD disk - $8.00

Original printed copies are sold out

  • Editorial: The Trials and Torments of the "Prinz Eugen" SS Mountain Division

  • Book Reviews

  • The 7th SS Mountain Division "Prinz Eugen" and the Defense of Nish

  • The Waffen-SS Brigades on the Eastern Front, June-December 1941: 1st SS Infantry Brigade (Motorized), 2nd SS Infantry Brigade (Motorized), SS Cavalry Brigade (partially motorized), Assorted Units of the Kommandostabes Reichsführer-SS, Part 2

  • Waffen-SS Miscellany

  • The Ostturkischer Waffenverband der SS

  • Waffen-SS Personality: SS-Sturmbannführer Theodor Sorg

  • 36 pages

  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Map


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