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Rear Area Security in Russia (Enhanced Edition)

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Rear Area Security in Russia

The Soviet Second Front Behind the German Lines
  • U.S. Army
    • Merriam Press World War 2 History Series
      • Fifth Edition 2012
      • 4 photos
      • 2 maps
This is one of the titles in the so-called German Report Series produced by the U.S. Amy using German generals and other officers to author a variety of reports on their experiences, methods, organization, combat, etc., especially as it related to their war with the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front during World War II. These titles were produced during the early years of the Cold War when the U.S. Army fully expected to end up facing the Soviets in a future war.  
Thus, for the U.S. Army, these works became a type of training manual. For the present-day historian and World War II buff, they are a source of detail not easily found elsewhere.  
This pamphlet was prepared by a committee of former German generals and general staff officers under the supervision of the Historical Division, EUCOM, in the early part of 1948. All contributors had extensive experience on the eastern front during the period 1941-45. The principal author, for example, was successively G4 of an infantry division and assistant G4 of a panzer army in Russia.  
  • Introduction
  • German Plans and Preparations
  • The Front Behind the Front
  • Interference by Isolated Russian Units
  • German Attempts to Restore the Local Economy
  • The Rise of the Partisan Front
  • Attacks on Rail Communications
  • Disruptions of Highway Traffic
  • Attacks on Supply Depots
  • Conclusions

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