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Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe

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Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe
  • by Dr. Austin J. App, Ph.D.
    • First published as a pamphlet by the author in the late 1940s
      • New edition published circa 1980 with a new introduction by the Boniface Press
        • 8 pages
  • Free PDF download
The story of the raping of German women by Allied troops, but especially the Soviets, by a revisionist author.
  • The Russians Practice Unconditional Surrender Literally

  • Neither Old or Young or Nuns are Spared

  • "We Allies Are No Monsters!" Aren't We?

  • Bevin: "It was the Most Awful Sight"

  • The Pope Protests the Violation of German Women

  • The Lust, Liquor and Loot of Our Own Armies

  • Re-Educating the Germans with Rubber Prophylactics

  • The Anglo-Americans Far More Decent than the Russians

  • The German Armies the Most Decent Armies of the War

  • German Women Treated as Fair Objects of Debauchery

  • Morgenthau Policy to German Women Is: Sin or Starve!

  • Determined Starvation Policy Forbade Even Private Relief

  • But the Russians Bring a Litany of Lustful Terror

  • The Russians Violate Women with Our Connivance

  • The Austrians, Too, Were Liberated–and Ravished

  • In Hungary Few Women From 10 to 70 Escape

  • A Fate Worse Than Death is What America Brought Europe's Women

  • Why Don't We Protest This Harsh-Peace Debauchery of Women?

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