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Pacific Counterblow: The 11th Bombardment Group and the 67th Fighter Squadron in the Battle for Guadalcanal

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Pacific Counterblow: The 11th Bombardment Group and the 67th Fighter Squadron in the Battle for Guadalcanal: An Interim Report
  • Wings at War No. 3
    • Office of Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence
      • Headquarters, Army Air Force, Washington, D.C., 1945
        • 66 pages
        • 5 photos
        • 1 cover illustration
        • 3 maps
  • Free PDF download
This work tells the story of the Battle for Guadalcanal (1942), focusing on the operations of the 11th Bombardment Group and the 67th Fighter Squadron.
Months after the devastation of Pearl Harbor, U.S. forces had crushed the Japanese fleet at Midway and then moved to seize the initiative. AAF commanders in the Pacific sought to prevent the enemy from severing Australia's supply lines. So the B-17s of the 11th Bomb Group and the P-39s and P-400s of the 67th Fighter Squadron, flying from makeshift bases at Espiritu Santo and Henderson Field, began grueling attacks on Japanese shipping between Rabaul, New Britain, and the Solomon Islands. After several months of bitter fighting, the American forces gained control of Guadalcanal, positioning them to swing forward beyond Rabaul to New Guinea.
Originally published shortly after key air campaigns, the Wings at War series captured the spirit and tone of America's World War II experience. Eyewitness accounts of Army Air Forces' aviators and details from the official histories enlivened the story behind each of six important AAF operations.
Originally published in 1945 by Headquarters, Army Air Forces, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Washington, D.C., as a soft cover booklet measuring 6 × 9.25 inches.
This is the edition reprinted in 1992 by the Center for Air Force History, Washington, D.C., as part of the 50th Anniversary of World War II commemorations. Other than a slightly redesigned front cover and title page, this was a facsimile reprint of the original booklet.
  • Foreword

  • The South Pacific, Summer 1942

    • General Harmon Takes Over

  • The 11th Group and the Landing in the Solomons

    • Pre-Assault Operations

    • Guadalcanal Assault Opens

    • Operational Problems

    • Battle of the Eastern Solomons

    • Forts Assail Japanese Ships

  • The Jagstaffel

    • The 67th Fighter Squadron

    • First Action

    • Fail to Reach Bombers

    • The P-400 as an Attack Plane

    • Lunga Ridge

    • Henderson's Combat Routine

  • The October Crisis

    • Destroyers Hard to Hit

    • Cape Esperance

    • Henderson Field Knocked Out

    • Henderson Strikes Back

    • The Japs' Grand Assault

    • Enemy Confident

  • The Securing of Guadalcanal

    • Japs Plan Offensive

    • Air Reinforcements

    • Concentrate on Jap Convoy

    • Mop-Up

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