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Our Enemy Japan

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Our Enemy Japan

Orientation Officers' Reference Library
  • by Wilfrid Fleisher
    • Fighting Forces Series
      • The Infantry Journal, Washington, D.C., June 1944
        • 194 pages
  • Free PDF download
This is the story of the relations of the United States and Japan from the time Commodore Perry opened up the island empire to foreign intercourse down to the Japanese attack on Hawaii—the background of the United States' war with Japan.

It is also the story of the United States' final diplomatic negotiations with Japan.

The author spent 17 years in Japan and then as New York Herald Tribune correspondent at the State Department, and thus was in a position to observe closely developments in the critical period that preceded the war and was personally acquainted with all the participants in those negotiations.

The author tries to show what sort of people we were fighting, what was the military mind that conceived those dreams of conquest in Asia and planned them over many years, what the were the strength of Japan's army and navy, and her economic position—the weakest link in her armor. He was not concerned with the strategy of the war itself, nor did he envisage the kind of peace to follow.

I want to thank Clif, a customer, for donating the original of this work for inclusion in the Military Reference Library.

  • Foreword

  • The Rise of Japan

  • Back to Militarism

  • Ties with Germany

  • Japanese Leaders

  • The Japanese Army

  • The Japanese Navy

  • Japan's Economic Position

  • The Washington Negotiations

  • Thirteen Minutes: December 7, 1941

  • Appendix

    • Secretary Hull's Note to Japan, 26 November 1941

    • Japan's Final Answer, 7 December 1941

    • Roosevelt's Message to Emperor, 6 December 1941

    • President's War Message, 8 December 1941

    • Text of Declaration of War, 8 December 1941

    • President's Radio Address, 9 December 1941

    • President Roosevelt's Report to Congress on Events Leading up to War with Japan, 15 December 1941

    • Additions to Message to Congress

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