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Putin-Era Taboo: Telling Why Some Soviets Aided Nazis
75 Years of U.S. Army Rangers: A Legend Begins, 1942
Coup d’État in Iraq (1941)
Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq
The Comic Books Go to War
AH-64 Apache Tests High Energy Laser
Before NAVAIR Was NAVAIR: Fostering the Birth and Growth of U.S. Naval Aviation
Rangers in World War II
The Fall of Ernst Udet and Gerd von Rundstedt: The Nazi Blame Game
• The Royce Special Mission: America’s first aerial counter-offensive against Japan
The Revenue Cutter Service in the War of 1812: Foundations of the modern Coast Guard
Interview: Col. Marcus S. Evans: 75th Ranger Regiment Commander
Air Force, Marine F-35s Train Together at Red Flag 17-3
HMS Queen Elizabeth on Sea Trials
• Pegasus Bridge: The first engagement of D-Day
• Hobart and His Funnies: A Most “Difficult” General
• Hobart and His Funnies: Gen. Omar Bradley and the D-Day Controversy
• 1917: Special Operations Begin

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