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Jedburgh Team Operations in Support of the 12th Army Group

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Jedburgh Team Operations in Support of the 12th Army Group, August 1944
  • by S. J. Lewis
    • Combat Studies Institute
      • U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, October 1991
        • 100 pages
        • 16 photos
        • 12 maps
        • 1 chart
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In the summer of 1944, Allied special operations teams known as Jedburghs parachuted into occupied Europe to cooperate with resistance groups behind German lines and to ad in the advance of Allied ground forces. Each of the 99 Jedburgh teams consisted of three specially trained volunteers. Clandestine operations of the kind that the Jedburghs conducted often have been recounted in memoirs and novels, but only a portion of the actual operational records have been declassified. The Jeds, as they called themselves, were but one group charged with clandestine work. Individual agents, inter-Allied missions, Special Air Service (SAS) troops, and other such organizations are covered in this study only when they specifically influenced Jedburgh operations.


This study examines the operations of the 11 Jedburgh teams dropped into northern France during the summer of 1944, with particular emphasis on the degree to which they assisted in the advance of the 12th Army Group from Normandy to the German border. The treatment of these Jedburgh teams are arranged chronologically, by date of insertion. The area of operations covered by these teams reached from the Belgian border in the north, south to Nancy.


Dr. Lewis' study on the activities of a number of Jedburgh teams operating in northern France during the last year of the war addresses this often-overlooked aspect of the war in Europe.


  • Preface

  • Introduction

  • The Operational Situation, 15 August 1944

  • German Rear-Area Administration and Security

  • Team Jacob, 12 August 1944

  • Team Aubrey, 12 August 1944

  • Team Augustus, 15 August 1944

  • Team Andrew, 15 August 1944

  • Teams Benjamin and Bernard, 20 August 1944

  • Team Alfred, 24 August 1944

  • Team Arnold, 24 August 1944

  • Team Archibald, 25 August 1944

  • Team Stanley, 31 August 1944

  • Team Rupert-Philip, 31 August 1944

  • Conclusions

  • Appendices

    • Air-Dropped Supplies to Occupied France, October 1943-September 1944

    • Summary of Jedburgh Team Operations

  • Notes

  • Glossary

  • Bibliography

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