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Japanese Explosive Ordnance OP 1667

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Japanese Explosive Ordnance
  • Ordnance Pamphlet OP 1667
    • Bureau of Ordnance
      • Navy Dept., Washington, D.C., June 14, 1946
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OP 1667 describes and illustrates Japanese explosive ordnance. It covers bombs, bomb fuzes, land mines, grenades, firing devices, and sabotage devices.


This work was intended to provide general descriptions of these fields of ordnance for instructional and informational purposes. It superseded the publications on Japanese explosive ordnance issued by the U.S. Navy Bomb Disposal School.


Every item in this volume is fully described in complete detail, including specifications, description, construction of body and tail, operation, employment, and remarks. Each item is illustrated with one or more highly detailed B&W tone drawings of the exterior and/or cutaways or sectional views of the interior. The level of detail in this volume is amazing.


This was the first of two volumes. The second volume covered Japanese Army and Navy ammunition. (I am still trying to locate a copy of the second volume.)

  • Bombs

    • Army Bombs

    • Navy Bombs [including the "Baka" Piloted Rocket Bomb]

  • Bomb Fuzes

    • Army Bomb Fuzes

    • Navy Bomb Fuzes

    • Gaines and Magazines

  • Land Mines, Grenades, Firing Devices and Sabotage Devices

    • Land Mines

    • Grenades

    • Firing Devices and Sabotage Devices

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