Merriam Press is now located in New York State. See more details on the home page.

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  • Merriam Press Is Now In New York State
    • As of 1 January 2017, Merriam Press is now operating from Hoosick Falls, New York. Its owner, Ray Merriam, was married recently and will be living in Hoosick Falls. The business will, as always, be operated out of a home office.
    • I have been in business since 1968 and I look forward to many additional years doing what I love, publishing books, especially on World War II and military history.
  • Specializing in publishing World War II and Military History books and pictorial albums.
    • Print - PDF - eBook.
    • Hundreds of PDF digital files of rare manuals, documents, unit histories and other publications can be downloaded after purchase (some may be supplied on DVD disk by mail).
  • What others are saying about Merriam Press
    • "Merriam has for years now provided a very good service to researchers by making available (at low cost) material that otherwise would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to get, and require mortgaging your house or selling off your first-born to pay for it, such as original unit histories written shortly after the war, or post-war studies done by German generals for the Allies." —Andreas, The Crusader Project
    • More unsolicited Customer Comments can be found here.

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The War Comes to Me
The War Comes to Me
NEW 2013 Edition: Paperback $14.95 — Hardcover $34.95 — PDF on disk by mail $4.99
First Man Back
First Man Back
NEW 2013 Edition: Paperback $14.95 — Hardcover — PDF file on disk by mail $4.99
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