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Guam: Operations of the 77th Division (21 July - 10 August 1944) [American Forces in Action No. 9]

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Guam: Operations of the 77th Division

21 July - 10 August 1944

American Forces in Action No. 9

  • Historical Division, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1948
    • 148 pages
    • 33 photos
    • 1 drawing
    • 1 chart
    • 27 maps
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The seizure of Guam in July-August 1944 added another base to the growing Allied chain of possessions encircling the Japanese homeland. Marine troops made the initial landings on Guam and were aided in capturing the island by Army units, comprised chiefly of the 77th Infantry Division. This volume tells the Army's part of the campaign.
This study was based upon a first narrative prepared in the field from military records and from notes and interviews recorded during the operation by S/Sgt. James M. Burns.
The manuscript of this historical officer was edited and partially rewritten with the help of additional documentation by Marjorie Cline of the editorial staff of the Historical Division.
This was the 9th volume in the American Forces in Action series. The series presented detailed accounts of particular combat operations of United States forces.
To the American public, this record of high achievement by men who served their nation well was presented as a preface to the full military history of World War II.
To the soldiers who took part in the operations concerned, these narratives gave the opportunity to see more clearly the results of orders which they obeyed and of sacrifices which they and their comrades made, in performance of missions that find their meaning in the outcome of a larger plan of battle.
  • Foreword

  • Objective: Guam

    • Offensives in the Central Pacific

    • Marianas Islands

    • The Island of Guam

    • Enemy Forces on Guam

    • Plan of Attack

  • Assault Phase

    • Preparations for W Day

    • The Landings

    • Expanding the Beachheads

    • Attack on Orote Peninsula

    • Establishment of Final Beachline

    • Battle of Supply

  • Pursuit Phase

    • Reconnaissance of Southern Guam

    • Pursuit to the North

    • 77th Division's Supply Route

  • Barrigada

    • The Pursuit Continues

    • Feeling Out Enemy Positions

    • The Gap on the Left

    • Tanks Support the 305th

    • Attempt to Close the Gap

    • North to O-3 Line

  • Final Pursuit Phase

    • The 306th Takes Over the Left (5-6 August)

    • Two Japanese Tanks

    • Plans for the Attack on Mt. Santa Rosa

    • Attack on Yigo

    • Tank Attack Against the 306th (7-8 August)

    • Push Beyond Mt. Santa Rosa (8 August)

    • Mopping Up

  • Conclusion

  • Annex No. 1: Abbreviations

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