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German Field Works of World War II

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German Field Works of World War II

This is an English language reprint of the German Army manual Bildheft Neuzeitlicher Stellungsbau, originally published on 15 September 1942 and reprinted on 11 March 1943.

This work covered temporary fortifications that could be built quickly and, for the most part, with locally available materials, but were designed to create almost impregnable bunkers and other defensive fortifications.


The original German publication's drawings were reproduced intact with German text, with separate English text describing the various fortifications illustrated.


  • Machine Gun Trenches

  • Mortar Weapon Pits

  • Field Gun Weapon Pits

  • Anti-tank Gun Weapon Pits

  • More Sophisticated Field Gun Positions

  • Semi-static and Static Field Fortifications

  • Field Structures Above Ground

  • Semi-permanent Machine Gun Bunkers

  • Anti-aircraft Weapon Towers

  • Accommodation Bunkers

  • Anti-personnel Obstacles

  • Concealment Techniques

  • Military Terms (German - English)

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