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From Fedala to Berchtesgaden: History of 7th United States Infantry in WWII

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: $1.99

From Fedala to Berchtesgaden

A History of the Seventh United States Infantry in World War II
  • by Nathan William WhiteOriginally published in 1947
  • 344 pages
  • 122 maps
  • 563 photos
  • 41 color illustrations
  • 8 B&W illustrations
  • PDF file - #L60-PDF
The complete history of the U.S. 7th Infantry Regiment in World War II.
Possibly the most extensive and complete history of a U.S. regiment in World War II ever produced.
  • Foreword

  • A Brief History of the Seventh United States Infantry from 1798 to 1941

  • Colonels of the Seventh United States Infantry

  • French Moroccan and Tunisian Campaigns, 8 November 1942-6 July 1943

    • The Invasion of North Africa

    • The North African Interlude and Plans for a Second Amphibious Assault

  • The Sicilian Campaign, 10 July-18 August 1943

    • The Landing West of Licata, the Capture of Agrigento and Palermo

    • The Drive Along the North Coast of Sicily and the Capture of Messina

  • The Campaign of Southern Italy, 22 September-17 November 1943:

    • From Palermo, Sicily, to Centurano, Italy

    • The Crossing of the Volturno

    • From the Volturno to the Heights of Mignano

  • The Anzio-Rome Campaign, 22 January-4 June 1944

    • Preparation and Plans

    • The Landing South of Nettuno, Italy

    • Attacks and Counterattacks of 30 January-5 February 1944

    • The Enemy is Twice Thrown Back As the Gallant Seventh Infantry Holds Its Ground

    • The Seventh Infantry Divides Two Reserve Periods in "The Pines" with Sixteen Days on the Line

    • The Breakthrough from the Anzio Beachhead and the Capture of Cisterna di Littoria

    • On to Rome

  • From the Riviera to the Rhine, 15 August-20 December 1944

    • The Campaign of Southern France

    • Bitter Fighting from Grandvillers to Le Haute Jacques in the Vosges Mountains

    • Crossing the Meurthe and the Push to the Rhine

  • The "Colmar Pocket" Campaign, 21 December 1944-18 February 1945

    • Defense

    • Attack

  • The German Campaign, 15 March-8 May 1945

    • Preparation and Plans

    • Seventh Infantry Leads the Third Division into Germany and Breaches the Siegfried Line

    • The Rhine River Crossing and Drive to the East

    • The Battle of Nürnberg

    • The Battle of Augsburg

    • The Race into München

    • The Dash into Salzburg, Austria, and the Capture of Berchtesgaden, Germany

  • Appendix: Summary

  • Glorious Dead of the Seventh Infantry

  • Campaign Credits, Citations and Awards

  • Three Popular World War II Songs

  • Biography of the Writer
Reviews and Testimonials
This sure is a good book. It got me information I've been looking for for quite some time on my wife's brother who was KIA in Germany.
—Walt Wybiral
I really appreciate your service.  I already own one copy of the 7th Infantry Regiment history From Fedala to Berchtesgaden and I'm buying a second for one of the Company Commanders currently assigned to 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry, stationed in Iraq.
—David Spanburg
Received our disk with #L60 and have nearly finished reviewing it. I am very satisfied with your service and wanted to let you know.
—Bob Rudolph

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