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Finito! The Po Valley Campaign, 1945

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Item Number: L368
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Finito! The Po Valley Campaign, 1945
Produced and published in 1945 by Headquarters, 15th Army Group—Italy

Merriam Press Military Digital Library L368

PDF file download — #L368-PDF — $2.99
The story of the Po Valley Campaign of 1945 as told by the Allied force that conducted the offensive against the German Army Group Southwest.
  • Winter 1944-45
  • The Task Ahead
  • The Plans
  • The Battle Begins
  • The Eighth Army Strikes
  • The Fifth Pushes Off
  • Victory on the Horizon
  • The River is Crossed
  • Victory
  • The Eighth Army's Story
    • 9th April, 1945
    • Breaching the Senio
    • Breaching the Santerno
    • The Sillaro crossings and the Capture of Imola
    • Through the Argenta Gap
    • Bologna falls
    • The Enemy is routed
    • The End
  • The Fifth Army's Story Finito!
    • 14 April 1945
    • II Corps Strikes
    • The Road to Bologna
    • Bologna falls
    • The crossing of the Panaro
    • We reach the Po
    • Verona falls
    • The finale
  • Presidential Message to 15th Army Gourp
  • Prime Minister's Message to Field Marshal Sir Harold R.L.G. Alexander
  • 69 pages
  • 51 photos
  • 9 maps

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