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Camp Forrest, Tullahoma, Tennessee

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Price: $1.99
Item Number: L408
Camp Forrest

Tullahoma, Tennessee

  • Tullahoma Chamber of Commerce
  • Tullahoma, Tennessee
    • 30 pages
    • Map
  • Merriam Press Military Digital Library
  • #L408
  • PDF file (18 MB)
    • purchase and download here
  • $1.99
In preparation for World war II, the government chose Camp Peay as a site for one of the country's largest army training bases, known thereafter as Camp Forrest. Then this vicinity was chosen as a location for huge army maneuvers. "Pup tents" and trenches were scattered within an area toward Manchester on the east, Winchester on the south, Lynchburg on the west, and Shelbyville on the north--with Tullahoma as the hub of activities. To complete the measure, an air training base, called Northern Field, was built into the State's third largest airfield, just north of the City limits. It seemed then that Tullahoma had mushroomed into a buzzing metropolis almost overnight--and the nightmare continuad throughout the beginning and the remainder of the war,

After it was all over, a large number of soldiers, previously stationed within the area, returned to make it their permanent horne. Construction workers remained, newer industries moved in, and Tullahoma was left with double the pre-war population, even after Camp Forrest was demolished. The Camp Forrest area, in the meantime, was suddenly selected as the site for a project known in Washington circles as AEOC {Arnold Engineering Development Center) . This salection, which was made after years of consideration of over 100 possible sites all over the country, is perhaps the greatest honor ever bestowed upon the area.

  • How the Area Was Affected
  • Units Stationed at Camp Forrest During World War II
  • Extract from History of Medical Installation
  • History of Prisoner of War Camp, Camp Forrest, Tennessee

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