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155-mm Gun M2

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Price: $1.99
Item Number: L174
155-mm Gun M2

Carriage M1 and Heavy Carriage Limber M5

Operation and Organizational Maintenance

Technical Manual TM 9-3038
Detailed technical manual covering the operation and maintenance of the 155-mm Gun M2, the "Long Tom" of World War II fame, as well as its Carriage M1 and Heavy Carriage Limber M5 and all supporting equipment and ammunition.

Originally published 6 September 1955 by the Dept. of the Army, Washington, D.C., as a soft cover book measuring 6  × 9 inches.

  • Introduction

    • General

    • Description and Data

  • Operating Instructions

    • Service Upon Receipt of Materiel

    • Controls

    • Operation Under Usual Conditions

    • Operation Under Unusual Conditions

  • Organizational Maintenance Instructions

    • Parts, Special Tools, and Equipment for Operation and Organizational Maintenance

    • Lubrication and Painting

    • Preventive Maintenance Services

    • Troubleshooting

    • Gun Tube and Breech Ring

    • Breech Mechanism

    • Firing Mechanism M1 and Receiver Assembly

    • Counterbalance Assembly

    • Recoil Mechanism and Cradle

    • Equilibrators

    • Elevating Mechanism

    • Traversing Mechanism

    • Bogie

    • Wheels and Tires

    • Brakes

    • Heavy Carriage Limber M5

    • Maintenance Under Unusual Conditions

  • Materiel Used in Conjunction with Major Item

    • Sighting and Fire Control Equipment

    • 37-mm and Caliber .22-.30 Subcaliber Equipment

  • Ammunition

  • Shipment and Limited Storage and Destruction of Materiel to Prevent Enemy Use

    • Shipment and Limited Storage

    • Destruction of Materiel to Prevent Enemy Use

  • Appendix

    • References

  • Index

  • 302 pages

  • 178 photos

  • 34 illustrations

  • 11 tables

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